A: You should search for a tool called Dejadup. It's free software that can help you back up your files before you re-install OS X. Once you are done you can reinstall OS X and have your data still. The most popular backup programs can't be used after you reinstall. Q: How do I use json data in Swift with Alamofire? I have a json file like this: { "application": [ { "chatRoomID": 1, "name": "Chat Room 1", "description": "The first chat room", "location": "Australia", "email": "", "profilePhotoURL": "", "logoURL": "", "photoURL": "", "serverID": 1, "serverName": "", "serverWebURL": "", "completedParticipation": 1 }, { "chatRoomID": 2, "name": "Chat Room 2", ac619d1d87

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